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Retro & Wholesale Sweets in our Old Fashion Candy Sweet Shop

At More Sweets, we bring back the spirit of the old fashion pick ‘n’ mix shop in the UK by offering hundreds of retro sweets, American candy & wholesale sweets choices online. Can you remember standing in Woolworths’ or your local store wondering which of the delicious candy you wanted to put into your paper bag with the plastic scoop? The delight we felt as we spent what seemed like hours perusing the sweet selection before making our final choice is a cherished memory.

As an online candy shop, we can’t bring you the exact same experience but we can promise you a much more hygienic one! Everyone remembers the person who didn’t use the plastic scoop or sneezed into the sweet collection. This always ruined the fun for children but our online sweet store ensures that this never happens again because all our products are stored in airtight, sealed containers. No air or moisture can get in and ruin the sweets nor can anyone ruin your treat with poor hygiene.

We have literally hundreds of choices of American candy and retro sweets which we also sell in large wholesale bundles. Chocolate lovers will be in heaven as they get to choose between classics such as Turkish delight, chocolate mice, chocolate peanuts and much more. Those who adore fudge and nougat are also catered for with clotted cream, chocolate and rum raisin among the fudge flavours with almond nougat the pick of the bunch.

Traditional toffee lovers will lick their lips at the prospect of devouring toffee crumble, rum & butter, mint or nutty brazil toffee. If you need chewy sweets or sherbet, the all-time favourite Refreshers sweets will satiate your needs. There are also legions of hard boiled candy canes, sour, sugar free, fizzy and liquorice sweets available from our site. More Sweets is your one stop shop for retro sweets with hampers and gift packs also available. Don’t miss out on the chance to sample the best retro sweets that have ever been created. Order online today!