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Sour Sweets

Sour Sweets

Are you fed up with confectionary that tastes the same as putting a spoon of sugar in your mouth? Would you like retro sweets that have a little more bite and flavour? If so, you will be delighted to know that we stock some of the UK’s favourite sour sweets. We have dozens of varieties including Strawberry Sour Bites, Sour Apples, Sour Suckers Dummies plus many more which you thought were extinct!

At More Sweets, we are inundated with requests for retro sweets as our customers which to get that classic taste which reminds them of their childhood. Thanks to our range of sour sweets, you will experience the flavours of the 70s and 80s which keep people coming back for more.

Do you remember how sour apples used to taste? You would place them in your mouth and a sudden sensation would hit you. A burst of indescribable flavour would be your reward. Once the last taste had left your mouth, you couldn’t wait to try another. Our Mega Sour Apples will allow you to bring back decade’s old memories. We provide you with a 200 gram bag for just £2.99. Not enough for you? Try our 1 kilogram and enormous 3 kilogram bag instead. Remember, sour sweets have a long life span so you can store them away for months of pleasure.

Even Toxic Waste tastes good at More Sweets! Lovers of retro sweets will know that Toxic Waste is a kind of candy which is the ultimate in sourness. If you can’t find sour sweets that are a challenge to your taste buds, try our can of Toxic Waste and be transported to another realm of sour! At More Sweets, we have an array of sour sweets that cannot be found in any other online store. Find retro sweets you like, order them and we will have them on your doorstop as soon as possible.