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Liquorice Sweets

At More Sweets, we pride ourselves not only in giving you the best retro sweets in the UK; we also enjoy bringing your confectionary from some of great companies in the sweet industry including Rowntrees and Bassett’s, creator of the legendary liquorice allsorts sweets though the company are now owned by Nestlé.

Liquorice allsorts sweets have been a national favourite since they were accidentally created in 1899 when a young man named Charlie Thompson allowed different types of sweets to fall and get mixed together. Allsorts quickly became known to the public and the Bertie Bassett character was created in 1929 and would immortalise the brand. We have these classic sweets available online in five different portion sizes ranging from 200g to 3,000g for those with a full set of sweet teeth!

Rowntree created one of the great retro sweets, Fruit Pastilles. Although you can still find these in stores, their appearance is sadly becoming less and less noticeable as modern products are inexplicably favoured above them. Anyone who has ever enjoyed Fruit Pastilles will tell you how absolutely irresistible they truly are. Like our liquorice allsorts sweets, Fruit Pastilles are available in several portion sizes with 3 kilograms the largest single size available. However, you can order as many 3 kilogram bags as you wish. We also invite you to take the Fruit Pastilles challenge which is to suck on these fruity delights while resisting the urge to chew!

At More Sweets, we are on a mission to showcase the wonders of retro sweets. These were the candies that our generation fell in love with and their popularity has endured for decades. Unlike modern concoctions which are here today and gone tomorrow, products like liquorice allsorts sweets and Fruit Pastilles from Rowntree will continue to stand the test of time.