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Jar of Sweets

Don’t you wish you could get your hands on a jar of sweets from a traditional pick n mix shop? These days, all you manage to get is overpriced pick n mix from chain stores who only offer a fraction of the varieties you were once used to. You may be able to buy a jar of sweets but these are generally considered to be ‘special editions’ which essentially means that you need to pay an unnecessarily high price for the privilege.

At More Sweets we believe in resurrecting the traditional pick n mix shop. The main difference is that we operate online. This means that we can afford to give you major discounts on all manner of retro sweets. Best of all, we have more room to keep hundreds of different classics such as liquorice allsorts, refreshers, marshmallow logs and many more.

Nowadays, the sweets you can buy bear little or no resemblance to what was once available in a traditional pick n mix shop. If you’re lucky, you may find some classic confectionary bundled into a tiny bag at a rip-off price. Trying to find the very best retro sweets can often be like finding a needle in a field full of giant haystacks. Many sweet lovers are put off by the search and buy sweets that they don’t necessarily want.

We say that you don’t need to settle for anything other than your first choice. We offer special jars of sweets that are as large as 3 kilograms in weight. These packages are significantly cheaper than what you will find in any store and will be delivered to your door in airtight containers. We promise speedy delivery and a choice of sweets that simply will not be found anywhere else. Contact More Sweets now for all your 80’s sweets needs.