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Haribo Sweets

Haribo Sweets

Haribo sweets are synonymous with quality and the German company is one of the most famous in the world. Haribo was founded in 1920 and has dominated the world of confectionary ever since. They have 18 factories in Europe alone and branches all over the world. With 6,000 employees and annual revenue of £1.5 billion, it’s clear that the world loves Haribo. The best thing about Haribo sweets (besides the variety) is the fact that adults and children alike can enjoy their products.

At More Sweets, we understand the popularity of Haribo sweets which is why there are so many different varieties on sale. Haribo mini jelly babies are one of the most famous jelly sweets of all time. Billions of these amazing fruity jellies have been sold and almost everyone who has ever tasted them has loved them. We offer 200 gram packages but as these jelly sweets are so popular, there is also a 3 kilogram bag. If you think that this is too much, see how long they last when you start sharing with others!

Another all-time favourite in the Haribo sweets range is Sour Strawberries. These are gorgeous strawberry jellies with a sour kick on top. You can try and prolong the enjoyment by savouring the sweets in your mouth or else you can place three or more in your mouth and start chewing like crazy!

No discussion of Haribo jelly sweets would be complete without Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles. These taste as refreshing as a bottle of Coca-Cola and the jelly itself looks exactly like a classic glass bottle of coke. We can deliver these outstanding retro Haribo sweets in an airtight container to ensure that they stay fresh for a very long time. Other classic jelly sweets from Haribo on sale include Sour Suckers, Freaky Fish and Jolly Joggers.