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Fudge & Nougat

Fudge & Nougat
Fudge is one of the sweetest and richest forms of candy and is a combination of sugar, butter and milk which is combined for a creamy and thick substance that is simply delightful to eat. Nougat is made from sugar or honey and can contain chopped or roasted nuts. Regardless of which one you eat, you can guarantee a taste sensation that is much different from the usual candy on offer. At More Sweets, we have a higher quality range of fudge and nougat than just about any other online UK store.

Lonka chocolate and vanilla fudge is one of the most delectable and decadent types of fudge on the market. The standard of fudge is astonishing as it is creamy, smooth, more-ish and devilishly good! The combination of chocolate and vanilla flavours provides a taste sensation you simply don’t get from other kinds of fudge as the powerful and sweet chocolate blends perfectly with the softer and creamier vanilla.

The Lonka almond nougat we sell is another strong flavoured offering as this chewy substance gives you the delightful taste of almond. The powerfully nutty flavour mixes well with the sugar and each piece of nougat contains several almonds for a crunchy texture. 

Other types of fudge on sale at More Sweets include fudge crunch which is a typical chocolate fudge mixed with nuts. If you’re after something different, why not try the Lonka rum raisin fudge which contains a hint of run and is the ideal mix to bring out the natural sweetness of the raisins? Overall, the fudge and nougat selection at More Sweets should cause you to pause for thought as you decide on the type of confectionary you want to try. Most of our customers end up buying fudge and nougat because they enjoy the unique taste provided by both and have no wish to miss out.