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Fizzy Sweets

Fizzy Sweets
Our customers love chocolate, toffee, bonbons and all the other delectable sugary treats we offer but sometimes, what they really want is a sweet and sour combination to give them goosebumps! This is exactly what we hope to achieve with our fizzy sweets range as they are carefully selected for their powerful flavours and the hair-raising sensation that can only occur with a high quality fizzy candy.

Children all over the UK will remember the joy of fizzy mix, the ultimate retro candy and guess what; we have it on sale at More Sweets! These fruity candies contain a multitude of different taste sensations all at once and to cap it off, you have the layer of fizzy sugar on top that really zaps your taste buds and overloads your senses for a brief moment. Suck on these fizzy sweets to obtain the full experience and then chew them to your heart’s content. 
Another all-time favourite fizzy sweet is the jumbo fizzy cherry cola bottle. These are huge sweets with the amazing combination of cherry and cola which can be tasted when you chew. However, you don’t want to start chewing until you have completely finished absorbing the fizzy coating.

Giant fizzy apple pencils are another blast from the past as a soft and sweet centre is surrounded by an apple-flavoured jelly coating that just happens to be drizzled with fizzy sugar. You can lick off the sugar before devouring the rest of the candy or else you can simply start chewing and take in all the flavours on offer at once. The above is just a small sample of the enormous array of fizzy sweets we have on offer from More Sweets. The fruity flavours taste even more amazing when they are given a small but powerful layer of fizz!