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Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

When we feel like indulging ourselves, there is nothing better than finding a chocolate bar, ripping off the wrapper like we are five years old again and feasting on the gooey goodness that it contains. At More Sweets, we have chocolate bars that have nothing but smooth milk chocolate that slowly and gloriously melts in your mouth. We also have chocolate bars that have delectable caramel fillings, crunchy peanut butter and other flavourful fillings for your tasting pleasure.

Strawberry Millions are one of the most addictive chocolate bars we’ve ever tasted! It was decided that simply offering milk chocolate wasn’t enough and a new bar had to be created that massaged our taste buds! Inside every Strawberry Millions bar are dozens of strawberry flavoured bubbles contained in the middle so each and every bite you take will be a cacophony of fruity flavour to go along with the chocolate taste.

In the United States, Hershey’s and chocolate are inextricably linked and thanks to More Sweets, you can find out what all the fuss is about. We have a wide array of Hershey’s chocolate bars including their legendary dark chocolate offering which gives you a stronger taste than you’ve probably ever experienced before. It is a bittersweet bar but you’ll really appreciate the extra cocoa and other ingredients that go into creating this amazing product.
Toy Story was a phenomenally successful movie so it’s no surprise to see various types of merchandise with its name on sale. Yet we are not a company that latches onto fads and believe that the Toy Story chocolate bar is a delicious addition to our range. If you need a chocolate bar fix but are bored with the selection in your local stores, get onto More Sweets today for limited edition candy you won’t find anywhere else.