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Candy Sweets

Candy Sweets

Candy sweets are one of the oldest treats in the world. The term ‘candy’ was first used in the 13th century but it was enjoyed by Egyptians more than 3,500 years ago. They used to combine fruit and nuts with honey. We adopt a more scientific approach in the modern era to ensure that you have thousands of different flavours to enjoy. More Sweets offers you retro sweets that once graced every sweet shop in the UK.

An estimated 35 million pounds of candy are made each year and although we can’t provide you with all of it, we do offer the very best candy sweets in the world. Unfortunately, the UK corner shop culture is declining and retro sweets are becoming less available. Luckily for you, More Sweets is an online sweet store which will satiate your desire for candies you enjoyed in your youth.

Candy Building Bricks are an old favourite and we can deliver them to your door. For just £1.99, you can have 200 grams of fruit flavoured goodness. If you are feeling particularly childish, you can even use this candy to build a masterpiece as they are designed to resemble Lego blocks! Another retro sweet classic are Swizzels Candy Whistles. We can deliver five of these tasty treats for just £1.89!

There are few retro sweets that caught the imagination more than Tutti Frutti Mega Tattoos Bubblegum. Not only did you get chewing gum with amazing flavour, you also received a host of fun tattoos that were easily applied and wiped off. This was an ideal way for adolescents to release their inner rebel. There is a wide array of fabulous fun tattoos which you could even apply today if you’re feeling youthful and exuberant. More Sweets promises to cater to your taste of candy sweets and offers incredibly fast delivery.