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Bon Bons


We have great news! It is now possible to buy bon bons online. These decadent old school sweets have been doing the rounds for centuries. They usually refer to small sweets wrapped in chocolate but can also relate to any one of dozens of flavours. Fortunately for you, More Sweets has one of the biggest selections of bonbons in the UK.

Bonbons have been cherished since the 17th century when they first made an appearance at the French Royal Court. The name comes from the French for good which of course is ‘bon’. In modern day Europe, bon bons can describe any piece of small confectionary.

Toffee bon bons are the classic incarnation of this unique candy. You can buy a wide variety of bon bon sweets & jars from our online store. The classic toffee version and all other flavours come in bags from 200 grams all the way to 3,000 grams! If you buy six 200 gram bags, we will give you an extra bag of bon bon goodness absolutely free! This offer goes for all our well known flavours including raspberry, lemon, cherry, blackcurrant, strawberry and lemon.

We also have a host of unique flavours that you probably never even found in your local corner store when you were young. One of the most exciting flavours on offer is fruit bonbons. These have a different shape and come in glitzy wrapping. They have all the chewiness of regular bonbons but are bursting with all kinds of amazing flavours.

We also take advantage of the great British love affair with rhubarb & custard as these flavour bonbons take the UK by storm. You can have 3 kilograms of these sweet for less than £20. We supply all our confectionary in airtight bags to ensure that your order remains fresh and delicious for months after you receive them.