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Boiled Sweets

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Hard Boiled Sweets

One of the biggest problems people have with candy is that it doesn’t last long enough. We all adore jelly and chewy sweets but the sensation only lasts for a few seconds before it is gone. Even a large bag can be consumed quickly and leave us hungry for more. With hard boiled sweets, you get to enjoy the smooth and delicious flavours on offer for longer. Hard boiled sweets are sucked and savoured rather that chewed and devoured.

We have a host of hard boiled retro sweets including Pineapple Cubes, a candy that is rarely seen in corner shops in the UK. These are hard cubes of goodness and when you place one in your mouth, you will believe that you’re consuming an entire pineapple. Each cube can last for several minutes and when the hard layer has been dissolved, a delightful fruity, chewy centre is all that remains. 200 grams of our Pineapple Cubes should keep you refreshed for quite some time.

Whenever you have a cold or chest problem, the answer always seems to be a nasty tasting medication. What if you could have hard boiled sweets that do the job instead? Our special Throat & Chest retro sweets are designed to please your taste buds while helping to soothe your chest. We are not claiming that they are a cure for the common cold but they are a tasty way to get some relief, if only for a few minutes at a time.

If you like your hard boiled sweets to have a little surprise at the end, Sherbet Strawberries are exactly what you need. After savouring the hard strawberry shell for a few minutes, you will be shocked by the sherbet shock that awaits you once the shell has gone. Enjoy the fizzy sensation and reach for another!